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The Focus Driven Fat Burning Agent from Myokem

Pyroxamine Before and After

Pyroxamine is the go-to fat burner for anyone who feels unmotivated, unproductive, and unfocused during their diets.

This double-headed beauty not only burns fat at an incredible rate, it puts your mindset back where it belongs so that you can keep up with the rest of your life.

When you want to lose weight, but don’t want to deal with the fogginess that comes with dieting, Pyroxamine is the product that will keep you on your A-game.

When it comes to fat burners, nobody is addressing the real problem with a strict diet: focus and motivation.

You can’t put life on hold when you’re dieting. Assignments are still due, customers are calling, chores need to get done, and your workouts aren’t going to do themselves.

Don’t live in a fog for eight weeks at a time. You need to get things done, and get them done right. With Pyroxamine, Myokem has solved the diet productivity problem for you.

There are two major components to make it work so well:

  1. The High Energy Matrix, which is a premium blend of stimulants that kick-start your metabolic fat-burning process while keeping you alert, sharp, and focused.
  2. The Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix, which consists of additional thermogenic compounds to help your body expend more energy, all while providing additional health and cognitive support.

To read the details, see our ingredients section on this page.

Take a look at the incredible progress from Myokem’s athlete, @Nikky_Fitness:

@nikky_fitness Excited about her new bottle

@nikky_fitness Excited about her new bottle

Pyroxamine Results

An 8 week progress pic, losing fat and adding curves to all the right places!

Diet got you foggy and unfocused?

During our younger years, burning the candle from both ends was easy. We could get in our cardio, add in some weight lifting, eat mediocre food, and still have the energy to run circles around everyone else all weekend.

Times change… and so do our bodies.

But over the course of time, things change. Metabolisms slow. Relationships and kids enter the equation. Deadlines are due while long days just never seem to end.

And dieting just isn’t as easy as it used to be.

The day comes when you realize you’ve lost a step or two.  So when you finally get your diet back in order and drop some calories, you notice one major change:

Our diets are making us feel unfocused!

Foggy. Slow. Stressed and frazzled.

You just don’t have the time to feel like this nowadays – those deadlines are still due, those errands need to be run, and that cardio isn’t going to do itself.

But you’re not giving up on looking amazing for that vacation. You’re not going to drop out of this physique competition. You’re not going to look terrible at the high school reunion.  Not this time!

You just need a bit of help burning that candle on both ends.

This is where Pyroxamine saves the day.

Get your game back with the focus fat burner from Myokem

@nikkyfitness Excited about her new bottle of Pyroxamine

@nikkyfitness Excited about her new bottle – See her results above!

Pyroxamine is a fat burner that does a whole lot more than burn fat.

It awakens your inner A-game and brings it to the table each and every day.

Separate yourself from the pack

Some fat burners are decent diet tools. Others are cheap stimulant concoctions that crash you to the ground with no mercy.

But nothing works like Pyroxamine does.

It gets to the root of the real problem with diets: the lack of focus, mindset, and motivation that come with lowering your calories.

And it stimulates a whole lot of fat loss while it’s at it.

Pyroxamine has a large list of ingredients, each carefully and scientifically placed to burn fat, stimulate your brain, or do both.

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The Ingredients

How it works so well

Myokem divided the Pyroxamine ingredients into two major components:

  • The High-Energy Matrix, and
  • The Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix

The High-Energy Matrix is very similar to the one introduced in Myokem’s groundbreaking pre workout supplement, Nitramine.[1] It provides the majority of the energy, stimulation, and focus that Pyroxamine gives you.

The Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix adds additional thermogenic (heat producing) ingredients that burns fat and provide additional cardiovascular support.

Each matrix is extremely unique, and you will literally feel the energy being burnt off as heat.

We’ll start with the Lipo-Regulating ingredients first, then circle back to the High Energy Matrix for those that haven’t yet experienced Nitramine.

Don’t let the caffeine content confuse you

But before we begin, let us just note that there is 100mg caffeine per capsule. This does not make it weak by any means, however.

If you’re used to taking 300mg caffeine at a time, you’ll still want to back off and start at one capsule. Taking two is serious business so you’ll need to work up to it!

Pyroxamine Ingredients

The Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix

Support Health and Burn Fat Thermogenically

Caralluma Fimbriata

Purpose: Crushes Appetite

Caralluma fimbriata herb powder is the primary appetite suppressant in Pyroxamine.

Reduced appetite and reduced waistline

One study of overweight patients conducted in 2007 found the extract suppressed appetite and led to overall reduction of waist circumference over a two-month period.[2]

A 2013 study also found a significant reduction in body weight, BMI (body mass index), hip circumference, systolic BP, HR, triglyceride levels, total fat and saturated fat intake over a period of 3 months.[3]

Rat-based studies have also had similar success. One study allowed rats to eat as much as they wanted – but when on caralluma, they ate significantly less than those that were not receiving the supplement![4]

See the attached chart for more information.

On safety

It was introduced as a supplement to the FDA in 2004, and is currently pending GRAS status (generally regarded as safe) as of 2014.[5,6]

Caralluma Fimbriata

Rats offered an unlimited amount of food ate significantly less when on caralluma fimbriata[4]

Origins of Caralluma

Caralluma is a cactus found in India, Africa and Saudi Arabia.

For hundreds of years, its traditional use was to quell the appetites of Indian hunters before they went on long expeditions.


Olive Leaf Extract (oleuropein) provides major benefits on blood sugar levels[8], indirectly reducing fat storage

Olive Leaf Extract

Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss and Cardiovascular Health

Standardized to a minimum of 10% oleuropein, Olive leaf extract is included for the regulation of cholesterol levels[7], glucose metabolism[8], and best of all, blood pressure.[9]

Works best on blood pressure

This ingredient has an impressive range of well-performed studies that indicate several benefits that dieters typically need. There’s a long history of reduction of blood pressure in both animal and human studies[9,10].

Oleuropein – The difference-maker

Many of us know that olive oil is healthy. When trying to figure out why, scientists discovered that the compound providing the most benefits is oleuropein, which is actually found in most heavy concentrations in the leaves.

With as much quality research and safety behind olive leaf extract, it’d be wasteful not to include it.

Bacopa Monniera

Purpose: Euphoric State of Mind
Bacopa monniera extract is Pyroxamine’s anti-anxiety agent that also provides some focus benefits as well.

It helps “smooth” out the stimulants that are provided in the high-energy matrix, while providing cognitive benefits of its own.

Stop the stim-jitters before they start

A 2008 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that it not only improved cognitive performance, but had beneficial effects specific to anxiousness, which is important when taking other stimulants.[11]

Neuroprotection – Healthier, longer lasting brain tissue

Several studies have shown neuroprotective effects in the treatment of cognitive conditions and improvement of memory ability in otherwise healthy seniors.[12,13,14]

Vivid memory improvements

Similarly, bacopa has been associated with improvements to memory. One incredibly interesting study performed on rats showed it reversing memory loss that the scientists had induced.[15]

Conclusion on Bacopa

This is a potent anti-anxiety agent that works wonders for your brain and makes the other stimulants in Pyroxamine feel far better and calmer, while they still illicit their positive effects.

Bacopa Monniera Improves Memory

In this study, the rats remembered the maze and solved it more quickly each day. But even when their memory was forcefully impaired (triangle), bacopa helped to bring it back![15]

Bacopa’s origins

The herb comes from the Brahmi plant and is taken for everything from asthma to sexual dysfunction in Ayurvedic medicine. Pyroxamine has a 2:1 extract ratio, which is more highly-concentrated.

Grains of Paradise

Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss
Grains of Paradise is a very interesting ingredient that we’re incredibly happy to see in a fat burner. Typically used as a spice, its active component, 6-Paradol, has very thermogenic properties that you will certainly feel.

Activate fat for energy expenditure

A 2013 study published in the British Journal of Nutrition indicates that it activates brown adipose tissue for use and leads to an overall greater energy expenditure.[16]

That study was performed on men, but women should respond similarly.

Feel the thermogenic heat

If you feel heated in your stomach after taking Pyroxamine, that’s the Grains of Paradise talking. It works in a similar capacity as cayenne pepper, but is more promising thanks to having both 6-paradol and 6-gingerol inside.

These two combine to be quite a potent pair of antioxidants with several impressive weight loss properties such as the ability to reduce your fat storage from sugars.[17]

Also known as…

Grains of Paradise is also known as Aframomum melegueta or Alligator Pepper and shares several properties with ginger.

Pyroxamine’s extract is standardized for a minimum of 12.5% 6-Paradol, leaving plenty of room for the beneficial properties of 6-Gingerol as well.[17]

Grains of Paradise

Evodia Rutaecarpa

Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss
Evodia Rutaecarpa
Origins of Evodia

The fruit comes from a tree that’s native to China. It’s been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine for warmth before going into the cold, as well as for treating digestive problems.

Finally, Evodia rutaecarpa, the last member of the Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix. This is a berry that is extracted primarily for evodiamine.

Thermogenic heat

It too has thermogenic properties, and studies have indicated it that it increases bodily warmth.

There’s at least one study (from Planta Medica in 2001) that indicates that evodia fruit extract acts in a very similar way to capsaicin, the pepper extract that is more common to thermogenic weight loss products.[18]

Positive effects on diet-induced obesity

Another study from 2008 found it had a positive impact on insulin in mice leading to a reduction of diet-induced obesity.[19]

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The High Energy Matrix

Focus, Energy, and Fat Burning through Lipolysis

Myokem’s energy formulation is almost worth the price of admission alone. It won’t make you feel overwhelmed and jittery (thanks to the bacopa above and a proper mix below), but it is very potent.

100mg caffeine per capsule is on the lower end of the market, but don’t let that fool you. Caffeine is just the tip of the iceberg.

The rest of the ingredients combine to pack a great punch, without the unnecessary side effects of caffeine (anxiousness, jitters, and crashing).

We explore each one below.

Citicoline Sodium

Purpose: Razor-Sharp Mental Focus
Citicholine and Huperzia serrata extract (Huperzine A) are the real stars of the focus formula.

Choline is a natural substance produced by the liver and found in a wide range of foods. Citicoline (also known as CDP-Choline) is simply the most effective and best-absorbed supplemental form of choline.[23]

Choline has been named the learning neurotransmitter, since it serves a number of important functions and is a potent enhancer of attention and memory. In cognitive tests, users make significantly less mistakes in performance tests with it.[24]

The mind-muscle connection

In terms of workouts and athletics, however, it’s also a neurotransmitter that’s key in coordinating muscle movements. The body’s stores of it are eaten up very quickly during prolonged exercise sessions, however, so it’s great to keep the supply high supplementally.

When you work out with Pyroxamine in your system, you will feel the muscle contractions. It will take your workout intensity to the next level, ultimately bringing your results to the next level.

Huperzine A

Purpose: Razor-Sharp Mental Focus
Choline and Huperzine A increase Acetylcholinesterase Activity

More choline and huperzine A = more acetylcholine = more focus!

While the citicoline provides the fuel needed to keep muscle communications on-line, Huperzine A protects the choline in the body from breakdown and keeps it available for longer periods – a true synergistic effect![25]

New cell formation

In 2013, an incredible study was released showing that huperzine A actually promoted neurogenesis — new cells — in the hippocampus! This ingredient doesn’t just help slow cell death[26], it actually helps create new brain cells![27]

Why haven’t we seen this before?

So if they work so well together, then why is it so unusual to see them together? Because both of these ingredients are expensive — especially Huperzine A, which costs manufacturers roughly $2,000 per kilogram!

Myokem clearly spared no expense with the Pyroxamine formula. The hefty dosage of these ingredients can definitely be felt, and is a huge difference-maker above any other fat burner on the market.


Purpose: Euphoric State of Mind
L-Theanine is an amino acid found commonly in tea leaves, and it’s what makes tea much more calming.

This gives a cognitive boost while also combating stress and anxiety – it’s the ultimate normalizer when it comes to stimulant-based supplements like Pyroxamine.

Lower the diet-induced anxiety

Like Bacopa, L-Theanine is included to offset any anxiousness that might come from stimulants.

When combined with the rest of the formula below, it allows you to enjoy the positive parts of the stimulants while regulating out any of the negatives.


Purpose: Smooth, Clean Energy
Theobromine is commonly paired with caffeine, and for good reason: it is the “ying” to caffeine’s “yang”.

It has a stimulant effect of its own, but it also acts to lengthen and extend caffeine’s efficacy so that you have a longer, more moderated overall period of energy boost. This avoids the sharp “off a cliff” crash that comes with other fat burners.[28]

Other health benefits

It also has the benefit of acting as a vasodilator, actually managing to lower systolic blood pressure while still stimulating the central nervous system and the heart.[29]

Overall, this makes theobromine a great long-lasting energy balancer that provides several benefits when combined with the other stimulants in Pyroxamine.

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Myokem Pyroxamine

Hordenine HCl

Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss
Hordenine is the first of three stimulants in Pyroxamine that has adrenergic effects. It stimulates your beta-adrenergic receptors, which means that it gives you a natural bump in norepinephrine (noradrenaline) production.[30]

With the boost of noradrenaline, your body begins a chain reaction that mobilizes fat storage for use, increases your focus, and boosts concentration.

The flight or fight response

This type of response happens naturally when we’re are faced with a “flight or fight” situation. Our bodies save fat for these types of situations, no matter how hard we diet and exercise. Hordenine (along with the next two ingredients) help to unlock this mechanism.

The result? More fat loss than you’d normally get.

N-Methyltyramine HCl

Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss
N-Methyltyramine is the second adrenergic ingredient in Pyroxamine that mobilizes your fat for use.

Also known as NMT, it is similar to adrenaline, except far weaker (1/140th the strength)[31]. This is a good thing, since it provides a little extra stimulant boost without being overwhelming.

Fat release for workouts

Ultimately, NMT provides a little boost to norepinephrine production, yielding that “flight or fight response” that releases lipids to be burnt as energy.[32] This process works best when working out, so one of your Pyroxamine dosages should be taken pre workout, if possible.

Energy Production

L-Tyramine also increases AMP levels, which boosts your energy and improves cognitive function.[33]

Higenamine HCl

Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss
Higenamine is a compound that is in nearly every new fat-burning formula lately, and for good reason: It’s a powerful thermogenic that is as safe as it is potent.

Also known as norcoclaurine, higenamine is used for increasing the body’s ability to burn through calories and mobilizing free fatty acids as a fuel source.[34]

Safe and Natural

It’s a naturally occurring substance extracted from a number of different plants such as heavenly bamboo fruit and Chinese wolfsbane root, and it gently stimulates the heart without raising blood pressure while also moderating stress on the lungs.[35]

Thermogenic Heat

When you take Pyroxamine, you’ll notice how heated you get. Alongside evodia and Grains of Paradise, Higenamine plays a major role in that.

Black Pepper Extract

Purpose: Ingredient Amplification
As with the Grains of Paradise, black pepper extract (specifically piperine) isn’t here for flavoring purposes, but because it inhibits metabolization of the other ingredients, making them more bioavailable.[36]

Inhibit enzymatic breakdown of other ingredients

The process is known as glucouronidation: your liver attaches a molecule known as glucuronide to other compounds, and signals them for excretion. Piperine safely inhibits some of that activity, allowing the other ingredients to stay in your system for a longer amount of time.[37]

The Pyroxamine blend is standardized to a minimum of 98% piperine content.


Purpose: Accelerated Fat Loss
Rauwolscine primarily does two things:

  1. Rauwolscine enhances the bioavailability of acetylcholine, making it synergistic with the citioline and huperzine A[38], and
  2. it also mobilizes fat for use as energy.[39]

Rauwolscine is structurally similar to yohimbine, and behaves similarly as well. Unlike the three ingredients that work as beta-adrenergists, this one is actually an alpha2-antagonist, meaning it slows your fat storage mechanisms.[40]

On the label, it is known as rauwolfia vomitoria extract. Rauwolfia is a family of evergreen plants and trees found in tropical climates all over the world, and the extract here is standardized for a minimum of 90% rauwolscine.

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In summary…

The potent but well-balanced energy blend in Pyroxamine provides the ability to cut through the fog of dieting and keep your eyes on the prize.

It has all of the mechanisms needed for energy, fat loss, cardiovascular health, and cognitive enhancement. With other fat burners, you’re lucky to get just two of those four things. With Pyroxamine, you get them all.

If you get tired, demotivated, or unfocused when you’re on a diet, Pyroxamine was made just for you.  If you want to learn even more, check out our blog!

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