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Myokem’s Pyroxamine debuted in 2014 and quickly became one of the top fat burners on the market, and in 2015, the rest of the world will see (and feel) why – and free samples are available to prove it.

Its stimulant blend is one of the more potent for promoting fat for burning as energy, but the real standout quality of the product is the unique focus blend found in the proprietary High Energy Matrix.

Pyroxamine clocked in at #2 on PricePlow’s Top 10 Fat Burners list for 2014, but honestly, the ingredient list has so much overlap with the list’s #1 entry that it’s really a toss-up between one or the other according to personal preference right now.[1]

So what’s to stop Pyroxamine from becoming the best fat burner of 2015, and your first choice when looking to lose weight? Looking at the rest of the market, not much – if you’re looking to diet and stay on top of your mental game, this is the choice to make.

The best fat burner for focus

It all comes down to the ingredient blend. As awareness of Pyroxamine’s unique nootropic (cognitive enhancing) effects spreads, it will easily become one of the best-selling fat burners of the year, if not the best. Not only does it have an incredible cast of natural fat-burning and appetite-reducing ingredients, it also has the unique advantage of being worth its money on its focus and productivity gains alone – let alone from the rest of its great benefits.

Don’t skimp on the smart ingredients

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The Pyroxamine Ingredients / Label

Pyroxamine’s focus blend boils down to two key ingredients: citicoline and huperzine A. This combination has been tried here and there in other supplements, but they all tend to run too cheap with the huperzine A dosage. Huperzine A has shown impressive neuroprotective benefits and memory improvement in a number of studies, but the problem is that the dosage used in these studies is quite pricey.[2,3,4]

Other products dust with just a tiny bit of the expensive huperzine and hide the amount in a proprietary blend just to get the name on the label, but Myokem’s strategy seems to be to make the investment and include a more significant dosage, knowing that the noticeable difference in motivation and focus will drive more sales once users try it for themselves and see the difference.

That’s not the only ingredient that makes Pyroxamine’s focus blend special, though. Citicoline is the best possible form of choline for supplements, providing significant improvements in the ability to memorize and recall information (among other benefits).[5,12]

Dieters absolutely love this focus-based blend, because when in the throes of caloric restriction, things begin to get “foggy” – and we simply don’t have time to be dull and lazy when work needs to get done. Pyroxamine solves the fogginess problem by keeping you sharp, motivated, and less intent on eating or wasting time.

Avoid overdoing the caffeine thanks to the well-balanced blend

Meanwhile, L-Theanine reduces anxiety and stress and moderates the effects of the other stimulants in the product.[6] And there’s 100mg of caffeine, a moderate amount that provides a mental performance boost without the jitters and is further enhanced by the presence of theobromine.

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Pyroxamine Before and After

@nikkyfitness had some great success with a weight lifting + Pyroxamine regime

Purely as a fat burner, however, Pyroxamine can still stand toe-to-toe with the rest of the stimulant products out there. The cactus extract Caralluma fimbriata is one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants out there, backed by both clinical research and hundreds of years of folk medicine use in a number of cultures.[7,8,13] That’s paired with olive leaf extract for the promotion of lipolysis, Grains of Paradise and evodia rutaecarpa for thermogenesis and bacopa monniera for even MORE laser focus.[9,10,11]

Pyroxamine is already among the market’s best fat burners and there’s nothing on the horizon that holds a candle to its nootropic blend. We’re expecting big things for it in 2015.

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You can also read more and find that free sample on the Myokem Pyroxamine homepage.

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