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Is Caffeine A Diuretic In Exercising Females? New Research

A lot of people who have chugged a Starbucks “venti” before taking a long bus or train ride to work will probably tell you that caffeine is definitely a diuretic. The science is actually very mixed, however. Thus far, the results have seemed to indicate that if it is a diuretic, either the effects are…


The Crazy Crossfit Workout

The Crazy CrossFit Weight Loss Workout

Big up-front disclaimer here: the workouts we’re about to discuss this week are not for rookies. If you’re just getting back into the gym after a long sedentary period, you do not want to try these because you’re very likely going to get injured. Your body needs to be gradually ramped back up to “fighting…


Inactivity Causes Childhood Obesity -- Empty Jungle Gym

Study: Childhood Obesity Is Mostly Caused By Inactivity

The “American diet” gets a lot of flak and makes our country the butt of a lot of international jokes. As we saw last week, however, Americans have actually been reducing their overall caloric intake for over a decade now, especially when it comes to sodas filled with refined sugar and empty carbs. This week…


Cardio at the Gym

Diet Success: Americans are Finally Eating Less Calories

Is Nutritional Education Finally Getting Through? In recent years we’ve seen various major pushes to raise public awareness about the health dangers of overeating and obesity — everything from Michelle Obama’s school lunch and physical activity initiatives, to mandatory calorie reporting on restaurant menus, to the major bottled drink manufacturers trending their products toward smaller…


Caffeine keeps you safe on the job

Caffeine Research: Keeping You Awake and Safer on the Job

If you’ve ever watched trucker movies of the 1970s like “Convoy” and “Breaker! Breaker!”, you might think of trucking as a job filled with adventure, romantic outlaws and the freedom of the open road. The truth is, over-the-road trucking is a rough, demanding job that requires long hours on a regular basis and sometimes driving…


Is Eating Six Meals Better than Two? A 2015 Update

Along the way on your weight loss journey, you’ve probably at some point encountered the idea of breaking up the standard two or three daily meals into a bunch of smaller ones. It’s a sound concept, at least on paper — regular intake of smaller amounts of food is supposed to keep the metabolism elevated,…


Body Mass Index (BMI): Can We Trust It?

BMI (Body Mass Index) – Can We Trust it?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a primary tool used both by physicians to track healthy body weight, and by individuals tracking their fitness progress. It differs from body fat percentage in that it takes overall body size into account, not just fat. Even so, it’s considered an accurate estimation of healthy weight and predictor of…


Can Sucralose Screw Up Blood Sugar?

Can Sucralose Screw Up Your Diet?

Sucralose is one of the most commonly used zero-calorie sweeteners as it’s relatively cheap to produce and packs a heavier sweetness punch than aspartame or saccharin. If you eat any kind of diet treats, use a sweetened workout product / protein powder, drink certain diet sodas, or use Splenda (or any imitation “yellow sweetener packet”),…


Stevia The Real Deal For Dieters

Stevia: Is it the Real Deal for Dieters?

So we all know that Stevia, along with the other zero-calorie sugar substitutes, is helpful just for curbing sugar cravings without adding empty calories to your diet or spiking your blood glucose.[1] There’s a lot of exciting new research coming out that indicates it has all sorts of added benefits for dieters as well —…


Obesity, Food, and Pavlov’s Dog

You may have heard the terms “Pavlov’s dog” or the “Pavlovian response” before. If you’re not familiar with these terms, they refer to a series of experiments on dogs conducted by Ivan Pavlov in the 1920s. Pavlov began his experiments when he noticed that dogs in his lab would begin to salivate when they saw…