No more excuses. The more you eat, the lower risk of death.

As kids, we never really understood why were were being nagged to eat all of our veggies. We just did it so we could leave the table or maybe get some dessert. And admittedly, nobody really had a totally clear understanding of why it was important either, other than that fruits and veggies were part of the FDA’s food pyramid.

If you needed slam-dunk evidence to convince your inner child that fruits and veggies really are important to the human diet, you’ve now got it.

A comprehensive meta-analysis conducted by a partnership of Chinese and American researchers looked over an astounding amount of mortality data and found that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables almost universally leads to a longer life![1]

The ultimate mortality research collaboration

The research was published recently in The BMJ Journal. It used only primary sources — no use of other previous meta-analysis — and excluded all animal studies to focus solely on human data.

Studies from 1950 to 2013 were included from all of the major medical publications. The research team isolated studies of fruits and vegetables paired with a wide range of types of mortality, then screened each manually using the full text to ensure the study met their criteria.

The final results?

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables definitely reduces all-cause mortality and is particularly effective in reducing death due to cardiovascular issues.

Fruits and Vegetables Reduce Risk of Mortality

This chart says it ALL. After crunching obscene amounts of data… on average, the more servings of fruits and vegetables you eat, the less you die.[1]

We’ve always “known”, but now we know

These findings lend strong scientific support to anecdotal evidence that has existed for decades now. Mortality rates due to cardiovascular disease have always been markedly lower in regions of the world where the ratio of intake of fruits, veggies and grains is significantly higher than intake of saturated fats, most notably in the countries that adhere to the Mediterranean diet.[2]

But the picture has been clouded somewhat by cultures that also almost exclusively eat meat or dairy (such as the Inuit and the famous French Paradox) yet don’t have a corresponding increase in heart disease.

Untangling the French Paradox

French Paradox

Could the amount of fresh vegetables and natural fats be one reason for the French Paradox, amongst several others (lower overall caloric consumption, less stress)?

Our old villains hydrogenated and trans fats, which are disproportionately present in the American diet, may be the key to this conundrum.

A diet low in saturated fat is fine if the fat is replaced by monounsaturated sources (as in the Mediterranean diet), but a diet with significant amounts of saturated fats may also be fine so long as those fats are almost exclusively from natural sources (as in France, where they mostly come from butter and meat that isn’t processed).

Either way, there’s one thing we can say for certain — this study seems to indicate it can’t do anything but help to step up your fruit and veggie consumption if it is lacking! The one area where fruits and veggies in the diet don’t seem to make a difference is with incidences of cancer; there appears to be no correlation between diet and cancer rates, at least among these studies.

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