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Caffeine. The ingredient that’s primarily responsible for turning coffee into black gold. It’s become a virtual requirement of life for many of us, but it’s also become a mainstay in fat-burning supplements.

There’s good reason for this — coffee is a proven metabolic enhancer, and there are some studies that indicate that effect is multiplied for individuals engaged in high-level aerobic activity.[1] But studies also show that it’s not really effective as a weight loss agent when taken by itself.[2]

It might help as a mental stimulant to get you going in the morning and give you that extra boost to get into the gym, but it doesn’t do much to burn body fat all on its own.

The catch-22 of caffeine dosage

The main problem with caffeine is that while it’s a known and proven thermogenic, it’s not a very strong thermogenic at the doses that are generally included in supplements. And upping the dose on its own hurts the situation more than it helps — caffeine reaches its maximum potential thermogenic effects at around these doses, so higher doses really contribute nothing except for more jitters and other side effects.

Diminishing returns and tolerance

There’s also the issue of dependence and diminishing returns. The body quickly develops a tolerance for caffeine, requiring higher doses to maintain the same effects when it’s taken on a regular basis. Dosages have to go up to maintain the same level of stimulation, but again, the increased dose really has no benefit on the thermogenic or lipolytic effects.

Unlocking The Full Power Of Caffeine

Caffeine needs a little assistance to both provide the ideal level of energy and focus and to unlock its full potential as a multiplier in the fat burning process. This is part of what the High-Energy Matrix in the Myokem Pyroxamine fat burner is all about.

Caffeine improves the rate at which lipids (fatty acids) are turned over and mobilized for potential use, but it doesn’t actually accelerate the body’s use of them (lipid oxidation) all that much.[3] You need the other ingredients in the complex to both increase the actual burning of fat and both moderate and enhance caffeine’s stimulant quality.

Let’s take a quick look at some of these ingredients and their specific synergistic effects with caffeine.

Beta-2 Activator Higenamine

Beta-2 Receptor and Caffeine

The noradrenaline-boosting beta-adrenergic receptor response initiated by higenamine and assisted by caffeine

The beta-2 adrenergic response is the chemical process by which the body quickly mobilizes its fat stores for use as energy. Nature intended for it to be activated in emergency, “fight or flight” situations, but for most of us in the modern world these situations arise rarely to never. So this process has to be “hacked” in a sense by combining an intense workout with stimulant ingredients that help to promote fat release.

Higenamine is Pyroxamine’s primary beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic agonist. Recent studies have found that it provides a significant boost to both free fatty acid circulation and caloric expenditure in active, healthy men and women. Higenamine helps to get the lipids moving, and caffeine helps the body to burn more of them once they’re in circulation.

Caffeine Synergizes with the Beta-2 Fat Release

It’s interesting to note that caffeine assists higenamine, not the other way around. With or without caffeine, higenamine’s beta-2 fat releasing mechanism would still work. However, by having caffeine around, a part of the reaction known as the adenylyl cyclase pathway works much more efficiently. It does so by inhibiting cAMP phosphodiesterase[7], which otherwise would have slowed down the entire fat release reaction that was started by higenamine.

Alpha-2 Inhibitors Yohimbe and Rauwolscine

Pyroxamine - The Focus-Driven Fat Burner from Myokem

Pyroxamine – The Focus-Driven Fat Burner from Myokem, contains just 100mg caffeine per capsule. Free sample offer below!

We want to activate the beta-2 receptors, but we also want to block alpha-2 receptors, which slow the metabolism, promote the storage of fat and inhibit the release of noradrenaline and norepinephrine when active.

This is where the natural herb extracts of yohimbe and rawuolscine come in. A very clean yohimbe extract, like the one used in Pyroxamine, targets alpha-2 receptors alone without having any real effect on other types of receptors[4] (side effects are a major problem with cheaper, less refined yohimbe extracts). Rauwolscine operates in a similar manner with added mood-elevating and anxiety-relieving effects.[5]

Now, yohimbe can be quite potent when combined with caffeine, and it’s a combination to be cautious with. Myokem dosed Pyroxamine with a side of caution, using only a relatively minimal amount of caffeine (100mg per capsule) and a known safe dose of yohimbe. It provides a noticeable but sustained stim that doesn’t cross over the line into jitters and twitching while also effectively blocking alpha-2 receptors and keeping the metabolism elevated.

Bacopa Monniera

Pyroxamine’s very moderate caffeine content isn’t enough to induce jitters or negative feelings in all but the most sensitive to it, but pairing with even a moderate dose of yohimbe can prove a little unpredictable as the effects vary from person to person. So, bacopa monniera is included as a primary anti-anxiety agent[6] to even out any rough higher edges that the stim combination might induce.

Bacopa also helps boost thyroid function[8], and provides several other cognitive benefits[9,10] — great in a focus-based fat burner like Pyroxamine.

Pyroxamine puts it all together

So as you can see, Pyroxamine’s blend is designed to sustain and enhance caffeine’s stimulant effect while also taking advantage of the metabolic boost it provides. Not that there’s anything wrong with a morning stop at the coffee shop, but even cutting all the cream and sweetener there won’t do anything for your waistline.

With Pyroxamine, fat isn’t just mobilized more effectively, it’s *burned* more effectively too — and that’s the most important part of the whole process! It’s even been named the best fat burner for energy and focus by industry publications.

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