Caffeine Performance

Caffeine doesn’t just make you feel this way – it significantly boosts workout and competition performance in many ways discussed below

No matter where you are in the developed world, you’re probably within an actual stone’s throw of a place that serves coffee (and often all day at that). The mornin’ Joe is ubiquitous, and that’s before we even get to sodas, teas, blended tea drinks, energy drinks, and pre workout supplements.

Caffeine is fantastic. It quickly improves energy, focus and even mood. And the popularity is obvious, with an estimated two-thirds of all adults in the United States consuming it in some form regularly.

But were you aware that it also has a wide range of fitness and fat-burning benefits, all backed by clinical studies?

The performance-enhancing benefits of caffeine

Caffeine’s a key ingredient in the best fat burners and pre workouts that are taken before working out for a reason – but sometimes we forget why it was put there in the first place! Here are the ways in which properly-dosed caffeine can make you a better athlete:

  • Anaerobic Running Capacity

    Caffeine has been shown to improve endurance performance in athletes when taken with carbohydrates, providing more of a lasting energy boost than the carbs alone.[4] It also reduces feelings of pain, particularly during highly exhausting tasks like long runs.[6]

  • Power Output

    Pyroxamine Ingredients

    Pyroxamine, discussed on this site, has 100mg caffeine per capsule alongside some other focus- and performance-enhancing stimulants

    Caffeine helps conduct calcium into muscle tissue, which is needed for muscles to contract — and the more calcium present the stronger the contractions![5] This is the most well-studied of caffeine’s athletic effects and shows significant improvements in both trained and sedentary persons.[10]

  • Aerobic Exercise

    Caffeine is also good for both lighter steady-state cardio performance and short bursts of intense aerobic exercise (such as sprints). A number of studies have shown enhanced performance in athletes both participating in team sports and in isolated track competitions.[7,8]

  • Training Volume and Fatigue

    We’ve talked about caffeine reducing feelings of pain, increasing muscle contraction power and improving both anaerobic and aerobic endurance. All of these things lead to longer sets at higher weight. But the cherry on top is that caffeine also has been shown to delay onset of muscle soreness by two to three full days, allowing for more time to get in sets before going into “recovery mode.”[9]

  • Fat Burning

    Caffeine has been shown to be a thermogenic and to help to oxidize stored body fat. However, the effect is more pronounced in obese people and those who don’t already regularly consume caffeine.[1,2] The thermogenic effect in most people is actually going to be so low as to not really be noticeable on its own, as we wrote in the article, Why Caffeine Alone Isn’t Enough to Burn Fat.

    But where caffeine shines as a fat burner is as a complementary additive to other ingredients — in this case, Pyroxamine’s Lipo-Regulating Matrix. Myokem’s Pyroxamine fat burner contains just 100mg of caffeine per serving – a modest amount – but when synergized with the other fat burners and focus-enhancers inside, it helps speed the reactions of these other ingredients actually stimulates the central nervous system, in turn releasing fat for oxidization at a faster rate.[3]

  • Motivation, Concentration and Focus

    This is where caffeine actually shines the brightest from a fitness perspective, at least if you’re trying to reduce weight. When you’re dieting and in a caloric deficit, it has a negative impact on both your motivation and your ability to think. Caffeine is a major help in offsetting these effects, getting you up off the couch and back at it.[11]

The Pyroxamine Boost

@nikky_fitness Excited about her new bottle of Pyroxamine

@nikky_fitness Excited about her new bottle – See her results on the homepage!

As mentioned earlier, Myokem Pyroxamine’s 100mg of caffeine is roughly that of a standard cup of coffee. That might seem low for a fat-burning product, but it’s really all you need, especially when combined with the other stimulants in the High Energy Matrix. The inherent thermogenic properties of caffeine top out at small doses, and the effects of it are very individualized, so going with a moderate dose is really the better approach.

Below on this page or on the homepage of this site, you can request a free sample of Pyroxamine to give it a run for yourself – you’ll love the focus and drive it brings you! Otherwise, you can read more about it on the homepage, compare prices below, and stay tuned for next week’s blog post.

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