The Citicoline Cycle – It’s a complex process, but at the end of the day, it boosts acetylcholine and gives you FOCUS

Citicoline, or choline CDP, is the best form of choline that you can get in the form of a supplement. It’s the best because it’s basically the most concentrated, requiring the lowest overall dosage to reap the benefits, as well as providing a unique neurological boost.

But let’s back up a second… why do you even want choline to begin with?

What is choline and why do we want it?

Choline is a variant of vitamin B that’s sometimes referred to as B4 (though other variants like carnitine may also be called B4). Since the body synthesizes it, it hasn’t traditionally been considered one of the essential nutrients or included in many multivitamin supplements.

Not “essential”, but our bodies don’t make enough

Studies have revealed that the body only synthesizes a small amount on its own, however, leading the Institute of Medicine to officially recognize it as a dietary requirement.[1]

Fortunately, choline is readily found in a wide variety of foods, especially eggs and meats. Unfortunately, it tends to take a lot of these calorie-dense foods to get enough of it, potentially to levels that unbalance your diet. The only food that really gives you an adequate choline payoff in return for the amount of total calories taken in is eggs!

What does citicoline do for us?

Aside from being a dietary requirement that can be kind of hard to get enough of, choline’s benefit in supplementation is that it’s a potent nootropic, enhancing focus and concentration while also improving the “mind-muscle” connection that is vital to quality workouts.

You’ll find it in several different forms in various pre-workout supplements and focus enhancers, but of all the types of choline that can be included, none are superior to citicoline. Citicoline is the most readily absorbed of the bunch, and also is unique in that it converts to uridine upon digestion, a powerhouse neurogenerative that makes it the most potent for focus and concentration.[2,3,4]

Another benefit to citicoline supplementation is that the potential side effects of choline are reduced — gastrointestinal distress isn’t uncommon with high doses of it in other forms, and some people also experience a temporary “fishy” body odor when taking alternate forms.[5]

With quality supplementation, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your carefully planned diet for choline intake (or having an upset stomach and smelling awful).

Why include choline in a fat burner?

@nikkyfitness Excited about her new bottle of Pyroxamine

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Myokem’s Pyroxamine fat burner contains a large dosage of citicoline, which is a major reason why it’s marketed as a “focus-driven fat burner”.

There are several reasons to include citicoline in a fat burner:

  • If you’re dieting, you’re eating less, and thus getting less choline in. Especially if you do things such as remove the yolks from eggs.
  • When dieters are in calorie-restriction mode, they’re likely to be far less focused and “groggy”
  • Dieters have a strong need to “feel” their workouts, since resistance training becomes more difficult over time. Choline provides the mind-muscle connection to keep you excited and coming back for more.
  • Citicoline takes up less space than other forms of choline, which is important when dealing with limited sizes in capsules

Pyroxamine uses only citicoline for its choline content, giving you the benefit of intense focus that not only improves your sets in the gym but can also help keep you from unnecessary habitual snacking. You’ll love the way it makes you feel – especially when needing some focus on a diet – so try a free sample or find the best price online below!

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