Evodia Rutaecarpa

Evodia Rutaecarpa berries have a warming effect that research shows may help prevent fat storage.

Called “wuzhuyu” in China, the fruit of evodia rutaecarpa, whose extract is known as evodiamine, has been used in traditional medicine for there for centuries to increase warmth in the body. It has an immediate spiciness on the tongue similar to a cayenne pepper.

This is one of the underrated ingredients in the Myokem Pyroxamine focus-driven fat burner that really gives it a great thermogenic edge that you can literally feel warming you up.

Evodiamine and evodia berries have primarily been used there for digestive disorders such as acid reflux and constipation, but has drawn interest for use in supplements due to its possible thermogenic effects.[1]

Evodiamine research

Studies of it are in their initial stages, but there are so far that show promise for both thermogenesis and other unrelated anti-obesity effects.

One study showed thermogenic results similar to capsaicin, the primary active ingredient in hot peppers that is commonly used in fat burner products.[2]

Another study found that it had an anti-adipogenic effect, or in layman’s terms it actively prevented consumed calories from being converted into stored body fat.[3]

Study of evodia rutaecarpa is very new and has been relatively sparing so far, so we can’t honestly say there’s slam-dunk evidence as of yet that it’s a potent thermogenic or fat blocker. However, as a piece of the puzzle, it’s definitely welcomed, especially since it can be felt, which may keep your mind off eating by serving as an active reminder of how far you’re coming along.

A welcomed addition to the Pyroxamine fat burner

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The initial promising studies plus the history of traditional medicine use clearly appealed to Myokem enough to include it in this formulation, however.

It costs real money to add non-filler ingredients like this to a formula and there’s no point in doing it if they aren’t expected to have any effect, so Myokem’s research team made the decision to include it. If you’re looking for a fat burner you can feel, this is a great reason to try Pyroxamine (free samples are below).

Combined with the other thermogenics and focus factors… and you have an award-winning fat burner

Of course, evodia isn’t taking on the fat-burning duties alone. It’s a complementary ingredient that supports Pyroxamine’s Accelerated Lipo-Regulating Matrix along with caralluma fimbriata, olive leaf extract, bacopa monniera and Paradoxine Grains of Paradise.

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