Grains of Paradise

Grains of Paradise extract (also sometimes called alligator pepper but formally known as Aframomum melegueta) is one of the more unusual and unfamiliar items on the Pyroxamine ingredient label. But there’s a great reason why it’s a part of the Lipo-Regulating Matrix — it’s shown promise as a thermogenic for some time, but a recent study out of Tokyo has also backed its effectiveness as a safe body fat burner.[1,2]

The Spice That Burns Fat

First, let’s give brief history of Grains of Paradise, and how it made its way to the supplement world in the first place. It’s a plant similar to ginger that’s native to northern Africa, and it’s been mostly used as a popular regional cooking spice probably since before written history. It’s similar in composition and flavor to ginger, but gives food a peppery taste.

Since plants of this nature tend to be natural thermogenics, it’s no surprise that supplement manufacturers keyed in on it as a potential ingredient for fat burners, and studies have shown that it does seem to have thermogenic effects similar to those of hot peppers.[1]

The new research on the Grains of Paradise Benefits

A research team at Tenshi College in Tokyo has spent the past few years keying in on another aspect of Grains of Paradise — its ability to specifically mobilize stored visceral fat for burning. Their early results found that it stimulated brown fat cells when the patients being studied were cold, but this more recent study really keyed in on stubborn body fat reserves.

Grains of Paradise

The Grains of Paradise – They look a bit peppery, don’t they?

Patients in the study were non-obese and did not pair the supplementation with exposure to cold or any rigorous exercise. Yet the group that took 30mg of Grains of Paradise extract daily not only lost 100 kilocalories more than the placebo group, most of it came from visceral fat in the abdominal area!

Even more interesting, the supplement seemed to barely affect subcutaneous or total fat — it seemed to specifically target stored surface fat in the areas where it tends to accumulate easily and become hard to get rid of.

A safe ingredient

Not only that, but the researchers also concluded that grains of paradise “may be an effective and safe tool for reducing body fat”, due to the lack of side effects noted in subjects. A win-win situation!

Now, it’s just a pair of studies, and it’s too early to fly off the handle with too much excitement, but there’s obviously something great going on here.If these results hold up, Grains of Paradise is yet another key to the puzzle for safe removal of those stubborn fat deposits that just refuse to go away even with a clean diet and a dedicated workout schedule.

When people mention burning “belly fat” or “cellulite”, this is an ingredient that might actually serve a purpose!

Grains of Paradise in Myokem Pyroxamine

Aframomum melegueta

Myokem Athlete @NikkyFitness during her diet and competition journey uses Pyroxamine and its Aframomum melegueta (Grains of Paradise)

Of course, dosage is important. Some inferior products will “dust” an ingredient like this into their product just so they can get the name on the label. But the amount they put in isn’t anywhere near the amount shown to be effective in studies.

Not the case with Pyroxamine, which Myokem has stated actually exceeds the 30mg used in the Tenshi college studies!

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