Myokem: The #1 rated brand in two industry magazines!

It’s been an amazing start for Myokem — formed in 2014 and already winning awards right out of the gate!

While Myokem’s revolutionary fat burner Pyroxamine is what we focus on at this site (free samples are available on this site), the company has debuted with an impressive initial lineup of additional products — the elite pre-workout system Nitramine (free samples also available), the anabolic bulking cycle supporter Magnitropin and the top-notch estrogen inhibitor Alphadex.

Myokem on a Mission

Myokem Pyroxamine

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Myokem’s mission statement is top-notch, science-backed quality supplements with no nonsense or games. Every single one of their products has brought something very new to the sports nutrition industry, giving customers the difference they’d been seeking. They provide the most effective workout support possible with no cheap filler, artificial coloring or unhealthy additives.

The 2014 Awards from Stack3d and Supplement Reviews

This combination of commitment to quality and impressive product launch lineup won them Stack3d’s “Brand Of The Year” award for 2015.[1] The Stack3d writers and editors cited their initial amazing results with Pyroxamine and Nitramine as well as a very satisfying trial run of Magnitropin as the key reasons for the award.

The three supplements occupied the top spot in each of their respective review categories at Stack3d for much of the year. As they put it, Myokem hasn’t once failed to deliver what they promised. It’s “the brand that can do no wrong!”

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An SR Top-Trusted Brand

Accolades also came from, who awarded Myokem their “Top Trusted Brands” badge in 2014.[2]

For a brand to earn this badge, it must have a cumulative product review score of at least 7/10, have no reports of suspicious activity and must meet at least four of the six editorial review standards (such as having a board representative with the website and having products pass an expert review).

They were named the site’s most trusted brand for May of 2014, and closed out the year ranked in the top 5% for product effectiveness.[2,3]

What’s next?

So how do you top such an explosive first year? Keep an eye on Myokem’s Facebook page for the latest news, and you can also sign up for the Myokem Insider program (known as “The Lab”) to be among the first to get news by email about their newest product developments.

As a quick hint, the first product to be released in 2015 will be mTOR Pro, a BCAA Supplement with an industry-first ingredient: time-released leucine, so that you stay anabolic and in muscle-building mode longer than ever![4]

Below on this page, grab a free sample of Pyroxamine, and check out for a free sample of Nitramine!

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